Compute Module Interposers


R1000AX includes a footprint to mount a compute module that connects that system to the internet. The port gives access to the microcontroller's SWDIO, SWCLK, NRESET and ISP, that allows remote firmware upload and debug. It also gives access to the main I2C bus that communicates with all modules, this is useful in case the compute module needs to communicate directly with the modules.

Currently the following interposers are available:

R1100 - C.H.I.P. Pro Interposer

R1101 - photon Interposer

R1102 - electron Interposer

R1000AX Compute Module Pinout

The table shows the pin description and how they're connected to different modules



C.H.I.P. Pro





SWDIOLPC1769 Single wire debug IOPD5 (16)A2 (10)A2
SWDCLKLPC1769 Single wire debug clockPD4 (15)A3 (9)A3
P0[2]-TXD0LPC1769 UART0 transmitter, connect to compute module receiverPD3 (14)RX (4)RX
P0[2]-RXD0LPC1769 UART0 receiver, connect to compute module transmitterPD2 (13)TX (3)TX
SDAI2C DataPB16 (12)D0 (13)D0
SCKI2C ClockPB15 (11)D1 (14)D1
#ISPLPC1769 In system programming - places LPC1769 into manufacturer bootloader mode when forced low during resetPG13 (10)A4 (8)A4
#RESETLPC1769 reset pinPB2 (9)A5 (7)A5
NCNot connected---
NCNot connected---
GNDGroundGND (1,6)GND (2)GND
PWRONCompute module button, has different functions for different modulesPWRON (5)#RST (13)#RST
5VCompute module 5V supplyCHG-IN (4)VIN (1)VIN
NCNot connected---
NCNot connected---
GNDGroundGND (1,6)GND (2)GND
USB1-LPC1769 USB port D-USB0-UDM0 (52)USB- (30)[1]-
USB1+LPC1769 USB port D+USB0-UDP0 (51)USB+ (31)[1]-

[1] pin is connected through a resistor option (normally unconnected), the photon microcontroller has the capability for a host/OTG/slave USB

R1100 - C.H.I.P. Pro Interposer Schematic

R1101 - photon Interposer Schematic

R1102 - electron Interposer Schematic