JuicyBoard is the foundation of a modular, open source platform that makes it easy for you to build a custom 3D printer, CNC router, or any other device driven by stepper motors. The idea is simple, unlike other control boards, JuicyBoard is not pre-populated with any drivers, switches, or other functions. Instead, it includes only the components for common, core functions (e.g., microcontroller, USB port, SD card, etc.), so you have control over adding just the necessary functional modules for your application. This modular approach gives the platform a number of advantages over static board designs. There are 2 base board models:

  • R1000AX: includes fifteen features slots and all the safety/monitoring features
  • R1000A: very basic, has 10 slots and no safety/monitoring features (currently on hold due to low demand)

The platform can connect to the internet through a particle Photon, Electron or a C.H.I.P. Pro, more details are in R1000AX Specifications page.

Getting Started


You can pre-order JuicyBoard at crowdsupply, the campaign is now live.

JuicyBoard platform is designed and made by plugg.ee Labs LLC

JuicyBoard Platform PCBs

Main Functional Boards

R1000AXJuicyBoard Base Board: 15 slots + all the bells and whistlesJune 2017
R1000AJuicyBoard Base Board: Basic, 10 slots and no power monitoring/safety featuresOn Hold
R1001Stepper Motor DriverJune 2017
R1002Quad 1A DC Low Side NFET Control SwitchesJune 2017
R1003Analog/Digital I/O (Analog/Digital)June 2017
R1004Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) BreakoutOn Hold
R1005General Purpose Breakout/ExtensionJune 2017
R1006Micro SD CardDeprecated
R1007Quad 20A DC Low Side NFET Control SwitchesJune 2017
R1008Dual PT100 Platinum RTD temperature sensing moduleJune 2017
R1009Quad Channel Optically Isolated AC Power Switches with Zero Crossing DetectionBeing defined


R1100C.H.I.P. Pro interposer to compute socketJune 2017
R1101particle.io Photon interposerJune 2017
R1102particle.io Electron interposerJune 2017


R1200Stepper Motor Master/Slave Bond for R1001June 2017

Other Compatible Modules

O-Drive: a high performance closed loop brushless DC motor controller

Tarocco: a compact closed loop brushed DC motor controller